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We specialize in high quality roof installations. A standard asphalt re-roof project includes the removal and disposal of your existing roof, the installation of new underlayment, valley and flashing protection, shingles and ventilation.

Here is a brief description of the standard Green Star roof process that we use for every shingle job – the Green Star Difference

The Green Star Difference:

  • Protection of plants, landscaping, gutters and all other property from falling debris
  • Safety meeting for all project employees
  • Removal and disposal of entire roof system—delivered to a waste facility that recycles 100% of roof debris
  • Inspection of exposed roof deck, and repairing damaged areas as necessary
  • Installation of custom roof system, using Green Star approved roofing materials and practices
  • Daily and final clean-ups, including rolling yard with magnet
  • Final inspection for quality, cleanliness, and satisfaction

We install heavy-gauge valley metal in all valleys.

This is the best material for valleys, which is the area that receives more water than any other area of your roof.  Rubber materials and “peel and stick” products can tear easily, especially when installed improperly, and when installed in the areas that will be walked on the most.

We remove all material down to the decking and dispose of all debris with Green Star approved recycling trash trucks.

Approximately 11 million tons of waste asphalt roofing shingles are generated in the U.S. per year. Re-roofing jobs account for 10 million tons, with another 1 million from manufacturing scrap. For an average $10,000 roof, over 8,000 nails will be removed, and over 2 tons of roof debris taken off your roof.  During our presence on your home-site, we strive to make your roofing project as painless as possible. We understand that it is your home we are working on, and we respect that fact by maintaining courteous and professional standards. Additionally, we only work with vendors who have a respect for the environment and recycle waste and debris appropriately.  Asphalt shingles are oil based and we strive to work with companies that are committed to reducing waste and recycling.

We install new plumbing boots and install UV resistant neoprene sleeves.

Your plumbing system vents itself through your roof, and is a very common area for leaks. Most contractors install a plastic plumbing boot that will rot and crack over the first several years. At Green Star, we do things right on the front end. We would rather give you a quality roof system than cut corners and hope to make more money on unnecessary repairs in the future.  By installing UV resistant neoprene sleeves, we can ensure that a common problem area will be sealed and free from leaks.

We install your custom roof system.

No two roofs are exactly alike, even with the same roof design and builder.  Items such as flashing, valley protection, and ventilation are crucial to the quality of your new roof.  We will review the unique aspects of your roof and explain the best systems for your roof and home.

Final Walk-thru.

We do a final walkthrough with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.

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